James R. Dean Architectural Stair Building and Hand Railing 

is a small, highly specialized stair building shop able to provide premium quality, complex, interior curved wood stairs and solid curved wood hand railings of all description.

Our work is made to special order only. We fabricate 100% of the material in our own shop, in any wood species, as required. Our unlimited flexibility gives you unlimited flexibility.

Our in-depth shop and field experience, as well as our considerable knowledge of general construction, enables us to understand the details and problems encountered in the normal course of construction or renovation.

We are very willing to assist the architect/designer during the preliminary stages of the stair and balustrade design or offer constructive suggestions to existing plans upon request.

A typical elliptical or curved staircase would have six or more solid wood laminations to a stringer.

A typical tread would be made from boards selected for grain and color. The risers would be solid wood. The stair would be assembled with glue, screws, wedges, mitres and glue blocks. Mouldings, brackets, etc. would be solid wood as specified. Stairs could be made in sections for special requirements.

A typical handrail section would be fabricated from a selected solid plank. The handrail is developed in the old method using geometry and hand sculpturing to square the mold prior to the final shaping. The joints are carefully and accurately fitted with dowels and hidden handrail bolts and well sanded. The joints are glued during final installation. There is no guess work in the development of any handrail configuration.

The geometrical method of handrail development also allows us to pre-determine the exact height of each baluster. Balusters are then turned for their specific position under the handrail. Square top or turned balusters with detailing on the upper half are designed to maintain a constant distance, at the front, from the underside of the handrail in any configuration. The turnings are crisp and well sanded. Our newel posts, of any design, are equally well done.

On site consulting and installation is available. We are located in Otsego County, Central New York State to serve New York City and the North East. As Upstate New York Stair builders we are well situated to serve a wide area with premium quality curved stair building.

Needless to say, we guarantee the quality and accuracy of our work and further guarantee that it will be completed in a professional and workmanlike manner. For additional information, please call or write. Plans may be forwarded for comment or quotation.

James R. Dean​

Premium Quality Stair Work
Since 1966

 -  Curved handrail for old or new stairs
 -  Continuous smooth flowing handrail
 -  Ascending/descending volutes
 -  Any wood, any profile
 -  Consulting/problem solving
 -  Highly skilled craftsman

 -  Over 50 years of professional stair building
    and hand railing

Custom Curved and Elliptical Wood Stairs and Hand Railings

Custom Complex Wood Stairs of all Description