Elliptical handrail, rising volutes or other complex fittings can be designed and fabricated to fit any situation.Complete handrail assemblies can be made to fit curved stairs built by others, replace curved iron railings on existing stairs, replace antique balustrades or parts when restoring older homes or creating historically accurate balustrades in new construction.

Please feel free to submit your requirements for review and quotation. Additional information and photos are available on our website.

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James R Dean

James R Dean, Architectural Stairbuilding and Handrailing

is a leading provider of premium quality, solid wood curved handrail and fittings.With over 50 years of custom stair building and hand railing experience we are highly skilled at designing, fabricating and installing complex curved stairs, handrail and crooks.

Premium quality, handmade, solid wood curved handrail and fittings are the product of choice for the highest quality work and the most demanding architect, designer and client.Solid wood handrail can overcome any problem and turn a difficult situation into a spectacular project.

A very large, very ornate, American Black Walnut, highly carved, burl veneered newel post with large ornate Victorian lighting fixture.  Ornate, hand carved, American Black Walnut newel post details and ornate, double sided hand carved balustrade floral panels integrated with ornate American Black Walnut hand turned balusters. Large, detailed, American Black Walnut stair railings. 

Fabricated and installed in NYC by James R Dean Cooperstown, New York
Wood carvings by Carole Halle Brooklyn, New York
General contractors and finishers Traditional Line Inc. NYC

Newel post and balustrade design by others
Lighting fixture by others

Continuous Curved and Spiral Stair Railings and Hand Railings

Wreathed Handrail - Volutes - Fittings - Twists - Crooks - Parts