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-  Custom curved stair rail and handrail fittings
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-  Custom stair rail and handrail fittings
-  Tangent method handrailing​

As a stairbuilder and handrailer with over 50 years of hands on experience in the stair building trade, I continue to see a steady increase in the need for premium quality curved and elliptical handrail fabricated from solid wood in the old traditional tangent, one plane, geometrical method.

The method of fabricating handrail from solid blocks of wood was first developed in England in 1795. It is based on the use of tangents, geometry and orthographic projection drawings to lay out each individual handrail twist and is accurate to within one degree.

Curved and twisted solid wood handrail and stair rail is the product of choice for the highest quality work and most demanding architect, designer and consumer.

Solid wood handrail can solve all handrail problems and provide a superior appearance. It can be twisted around a one inch diameter cylinder and can make graceful descending volutes and transitions of any size and shape. Solid wood handrail can continue smoothly up many levels, without newel posts or goosenecks, creating strong, spectacular balustrades.

Solid wood handrail is designed, fabricated, pre-assembled and fully sanded in the shop. All joints are doweled and bolted in the traditional manner.

The handrail is shipped knocked down F.O.B. Cooperstown, New York. Disposable supports are provided to position and hold the handrail above the stair and floors. The supports are temporarily screwed to the baluster locations in the treads and floor. Baluster centers can then plumbed up to the bottom of the handrail and carefully drilled up with the handrail in position. Square top balusters would be mortised in individually. Newels and balusters can be provided with the handrail if required.

The handrail is guaranteed to fit the information that is provided. Every effort is made to assure that we both fully understand the specifications and requirements of the project. Handrails are not adjustable in the field and any alteration of any joint will void the guarantee.

The primary information required would be a full size floor plan or a very accurate scale drawing of the entire center line of the handrail showing risers, newel and baluster centers and height requirements.

A 1 1/2" or 3" to the foot "stretched out" elevation drawing of the center line of the handrail will be provided for your approval. This drawing will show the height and position of the handrail over the treads and floor and can include baluster heights. This allows balusters to be turned while the handrail is being fabricated. Handrail samples will also be provided for approval.

Solid wood handrail assemblies are priced by the project and not by the foot.
Lead time depends upon work in progress at the time.
Please feel free to write, call, fax or e-mail your inquiries. See contact page for details.

Thank you for your interest,

James R. Dean